Our Favourite Hair Care Trends of 2019

At Bay Cuts hair salon in Hastings, we like to stay on the cutting-edge of the hair salon industry. Our hairdressers keep their eyes peel for local trends and international ones, so we can offer our clients the latest and greatest in the world of hair care. We surveyed our hairdressers to reveal our five favourite hair care trends that have taken off in 2019.

Here they are…

1. Sustainable Hair Care

From keep cups to bans on single use plastic, sustainability is becoming an important part of every aspect of our lives, and hairdressers are not exempt. We’re stoked to see that 2019 seems to be the year of sustainable hair care, with trends like reducing waste in hair salons, healthier hair products and recycling hair cut clippings to help clean up oil spills.

If you have adopted a more sustainable hair care routine at home, whether it’s using packaging-free shampoo bars or supporting eco-conscious brands, we salute you! Pop into our Hastings-based hair salon and tell us what sustainable efforts have worked for you.

2. Embrace Your Own Style

In the 1960s it was the bob; feathery disco hair took over the ‘70s; and in the 1990s women simply wanted whatever hair cut Rachel from Friends was sporting. But this year, it’s all about diversity of styles and embracing the best hair cut for you.

As hairdressers in Hastings we love this because it keeps our job interesting and our hair salon clients happy – after all, not everyone suits bangs, bobs or blonde. If you want to find your best, unique look, you’ll need a hairdresser who understands you and your hair. If you’re in Hastings, the hairdressers at Bay Cuts will only be too happy to take on this role.

3. Product Cocktailing

If you’ve never found that one, perfect product for your hair, this trend is for you. Product cocktailing is when you mix two – or more – hair products together to meet your hair’s particular needs. You might love how mousse controls your curls, but hate the crunchy feeling it leaves in your hair. By mixing mousse with something hydrating like serum or coconut oil, you can get the benefit of mousse without the crunch.

4. Professional Washout Dye Jobs

We’re seeing plenty of our customers in Hastings asking about temporarily dying their hair, especially women wanting the trendy pink, purple or silver look. These washout dye jobs are in vogue because look great but you don’t have to commit to these radical colours in the long term.

A washout dye job means you don’t have to worry about dark roots or getting sick of the new colour, but by getting it done at the hair salon you can be confident that it will look amazing. If you want to stand out at a work party or just shake things up a little, a washout dye job is a great idea.

5. Healthy Hair from Within

The skincare industry has been transformed in recent years as beauty therapists have noticed that the food people eat affects the health of their skin. The hair salon industry has taken notice, so don’t be surprised if your hairdresser asks you about your omega-three or probiotic intake the next time you get your hair cut. We now know that a healthy gut is reflected in the skin, hair and nails, so achieving your healthiest looking locks might require changes to your diet.

Want your hair style to be on-trend? Head into our Bay Plaza Hastings hairdresser, where we can make it happen.

Dave Manville