Caring for Curly Hair – A Hairdresser’s Dos and Don’ts

Every hair type is beautiful so long as you know how to handle it. At Bay Cuts hair salon in Hastings NZ we love curly hair, but all too often our curly hair clients come in frustrated with split ends, frizz and lifeless hair. To help you fall in love with your curls, our hairdressers have put together 3 Dos and 3 Don’ts when it comes to caring for curly hair.

Do Get Regular Hair Cuts

Curly hair is prone to split ends and the best solution to this is regular haircuts. Sticking to appointments at least every 6 to 8 weeks will keep on top of split ends which will fight the frizz and keep your curls shiny and bouncy.

Do Find the Right Products

Curly hair without product turns to fuzz, but too much or the wrong product will leave your hair crunchy. Find the sweet spot by experimenting with what works best for you. The hairdressers at Bay Cuts love Fudge Professional Structure Wax and Hair Shaper, and we also encourage mixing and matching – sometimes a dab of mousse mixed with a bit of coconut oil is just what you need! Come into our hair salon in Hastings if you want some advice on how to tame your particular style of curls.

Do Find ‘The One’

The right hairdresser can make all the difference when it comes to learning to love your curls. Come into Bay Cuts in Hastings and find ‘the one’, you’ll never look back.

And now for the don’ts…

Don’t Shampoo Daily

Over-washing curly hair will dry it out, contributing to a vicious cycle of uninspired curls. Most curls only need washing once or twice a week, and some hair salons recommend ditching the shampoo altogether, washing with conditioner instead.

Don’t Touch Your Hair

Touching your hair as it dries is a sure-fire way to end up with a bad hair day. Best practice is to wash your hair, quickly dry with a towel, put in product and then leave it alone. Do this and you’ll look in the mirror later that day to find a head full of gorgeous curls.

Don’t Use a Brush

Have you ever gone in for a haircut and been surprised that your hairdresser uses a comb rather than a brush? Wide-tooth combs are far superior when it comes to caring for fragile curly hair. A brush will break each curl apart, whereas a comb will allow you to untangle curls gently without damaging the structure.

Is it time to love your curls? Pop into Bay Cuts at Bay Plaza downtown Hastings and discover the hidden potential in every curl.

Dave Manville