5 Things You Should Always Tell Your Hairdresser

Hairdressers are famous for taking on the role of hair salon therapists, listening to deep and meaningful stories of your family, friends and work accomplishments. And while we love this, before getting into the nitty gritty of your life, there are a few hair-related questions that need answering! The next time you head into Bay Cuts hair salon downtown Hastings, make sure you reveal the following:

1. What You Want

The first thing you should tell us is what you are looking for when it comes to your hair. Do you want a cut or trim? A colour or conditioning treatment? A complete style revolution? If you know what you want from your hairdressers, we can make it happen. If you’re unsure, that’s okay too – let us know about your uncertainty and together we’ll find your perfect haircut or style.

2. Your Hair Type

When you come to Bay Cuts hair salon in Hastings, it’s wise you let your hairdresser know how your hair falls naturally. While we are very good at detecting your natural hair type, we won’t know if you are having a good (or bad) hair day; what products you’re wearing in your hair; and whether you blow dried your hair this morning.

Before getting your hair cut, hairdressers need to know what your hair looks like on a regular day without any intervention. Is it dry, frizzy, greasy or smooth? Is it naturally curly, wavy or straight? When your hairdresser understands your hair, we can work with it to bring out the best.

3. How Often You Wash Your Hair

How often you wash your hair affects its health and gives us clues into the best way to cut, colour and style your hair to fit into your daily life. We recommend washing your hair every other day at the most, but plenty clients at our hair salon wash every day.

If you are a daily washer, we want to know why. If you have greasy hair, we can advise you on ways to get rid of grease; if you just enjoy the daily ritual, we might suggest products or hair styling methods that are less likely to dry out your hair. On the flip side, once-a-weekers might benefit from more involved styling.

4. Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle has an important role in your daily hair care routine. For clients who work out regularly, we might steer you away from a high maintenance hairstyle and suggest a deep conditioning treatment to counteract the sweat. For new mums that need to be able to pull her hair back, your hairdresser will probably talk you out of short layers. For people who are always rushing to get out the door for work in the mornings, your hairdresser will help you achieve an effortless, low maintenance look that doesn’t hold you up.

5. How Frequently You Get Your Hair Cut

Don’t spare our feelings – if you’re only going to come in for haircuts every three months, we need to know! Irregular hair salon clients need a haircut that won’t need trimming every few weeks, whereas clients who return monthly can benefit from more styled but high maintenance haircuts.

The same goes for men: your haircut frequency will determine whether your hairdresser uses a razor cut – which needs regular visits – or a clean line haircut, which will look better for longer between hair salon appointments.

Now that we’ve gotten through the business of your hair, sit back, relax and tell us all about your life! You’ll walk away lighter – and not just because of your new haircut. Head to Bay Plaza in Hastings for a walk-in appointment at Bay Cuts Hastings today.

Dave Manville